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Airflow made


The Sniff Controller is a device that uses nasal airflow as means of communication for people with severe disability

Nasal airflow is sensed at the nose using PP1: an all-silicone low-diameter super comfortable nasal pressure probe
Nasal Pressure Probe
The Sniff Logic app
SniffConnect is a set of tools for basic communication using nasal airflow
To learn more about whether the Sniff Controller is a potential fit for your individual needs, please visit our FAQ page
Sniff Controller Basic
The Sniff Controller Basic is most likely the smallest, lightest and least expensive assistive technology (AAC) device in the world
21 gr

0.74 Oz.

55 x 17.5 x 21 mm

2.16 x 0.69 x 0.82''



Sniff Controller Air
The wireless Sniff Controller Air is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity can be paired with virtually any handheld device
57 gr

2 Oz.

37.2 x 17.5 x 77.8 mm

1.46 x 0.69 x 3.06''


Bluetooth BLE

What can you do with SniffConnect?

When all others lines of communication are lost, sniffing may remain.


The Sniff Controller enables new ways for people to signal their intentions and communicate intuitively.

It allows the user to convey messages simply by blowing in or out of their nose.


Sniff to select between two pre-determined options such as computer-voice generated "Yes" and "No"


Sniff to indicate on messages, such as "Help", "Drink", "Love", and more


Sniff to control a keyboard to write text freely

Sniff Logic apps support most
popular platforms

SniffConnect can be used with either Sniff Controller Basic or Air

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