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Airflow made 

Sniff Logic manufactures miniature high-precision scientific instrumentation for the acquisition of respiratory airflow

Peripherals and Accessories

The Science Brick

The Science Brick allows you to export the signal as an analogue source that can be fed into an instrumentation amplifier.


Calibration Kit

The Sniff Controllers are roughly calibrated for all users. If you need a more accurate individually calibrated measurement for each participant in your study, use the calibration kit. You need only one kit, but a disposable filter for each participant.

Olfaction research

Obtain temporally precise measurement and recording of sniffing, and trigger events off the respiratory trace


and emotion

Obtain precise respiratory real-time derived statistics such as inhalation or exhalation amplitude, duration and more 


Obtain concurrent respiration measurements and feed directly into your M/EEG amplifier auxiliary channels


Obtain concurrent respiration measurements during functional imaging using the 10-meter silicone extension tube

Pulmonary sciences

Obtain nasal and oral airflow measures at a fraction of the cost associated with tabletop devices

Sports science

Obtain unobtrusive real-time respiratory data from participants in any sport but swimming


Obtain real-time respiratory data from participants engaged in augmented/virtual reality environments

​If you want to measure airflow in any other setting 

Neural activity is tightly linked to respiration, and therefore respiratory measures are critical for EEG, MEG, and fMRI analysis. Commonly used respiratory belt-transducers are notoriously inaccurate, and thermal measures are notoriously slow. Only direct measurement of airflow provides a rapid and reliable measure of respiration.


Sniff Logic provides the tools for precise measurement of airflow at the nose and/or mouth.

Built by scientists – for scientists: from airflow made information to airflow made publication :-)

​If you want to measure airflow
in any other setting 
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The Basic is a remarkably small (55 mm x 18 mm x 21 mm,  20 gr) incredibly robust pressure transducer. Use a USB cable to plug it into a computer, and a Sniff Logic Pressure Probe to obtain signals from the nose and/or mouth. You can add pressure probe extensions for up to 12 meters of range.

Sniff Controller Basic
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The Air is a small (37.2 mm x 17.5 mm x 77.8 mm, 57 gr) robust pressure transducer with a rechargeable battery. Connect to a computer using Bluetooth, and connect to the nose and/or mouth using a Sniff Logic Pressure Probe. The Air can transmit for more than 7 continuous hours on one charge. 

Sniff Controller Air
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The Nasal Holter is Sniff Logic's flagship device. It is a miniature wearable device, secured to the body, that monitors nasal airflow in each nostril separately, oral airflow, and body posture. The device can transmit in real time, or can record to onboard memory for up to 24 continuous hours, thus functioning as a genuine Nasal Holter.

Coming soon!

The Nasal Holter
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SniffScience (BETA) is a software package for desktop and mobile devices that allows you to view the real-time airflow trace and respiratory statistics, and save data to files. In SniffScience you can also define respiratory events such as inhalation-onset or peak to serve as triggers for external events. These triggers can be sent from your computer to external devices using the Science Brick.

SniffScience is free with every purchase.

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A low-diameter pressure-probe made of super-soft medical grade silicone. After a short while you won’t know that it’s there. Available in clear or in black, with or without a filter.
Nasal (silicone)
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A Sniff Logic patented design, made of medical grade silicone, registers both nasal and oral airflow. Available in clear or in black, with or without a filter.
Nasal-Oral (silicone)
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If you want to study many participants each for a short period of time, select the PVC pressure probe for about a third of the cost. Available in clear only, with or without a filter.

Low-Cost (PVC)
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Pressure-probe extension cords made of medical grade silicone, ranging from 0.5 to 12 meters. Use the 1M extension to place the Sniff Controller Air in your pocket, or the 12M extension to place the Sniff Controller in the MRI control room while measuring nasal airflow from a participant in the magnet bore.

Cord (silicone) 

Select the right pressure probe for your experiment

Why is Sniff Logic the right way to measure respiration in science: we compare to the common alternative - piezoelectric respiratory belts

Measure airflow using these tools

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