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Product name: Sniff Controller Basic Bundle

Current Model: SCB1

Who is this product for: Individuals with Disability and Scientists

What is this product for:

In disability: It allows the user to blow in and out of their nose in order to generate signals

and text

In science: It allows measurement of respiratory airflow

What does it come with: The Sniff Controller Basic Bundle comes with:

1. A Sniff Controller Basic device

2. A super-soft USB A-to-C cable

3. A super-soft silicone nasal pressure probe (PP1)

4. 1m and 2m silicone extension cords

5. A carrying case

What else will I need in order to use this:

A computer, desktop or laptop, with a USB-A port.

Use: In disability, use the SniffConnect software in order to establish communication in

severe disability. Users can blow in and out of their nose in order to select icons or write

text and sound it via computer generated voice. In research, use the SniffScience software

in order to visualize, analyze, and save respiratory data.

Electrical properties:

Input: 5V, Input Current Max. 100 mA

Output: Serial

What else might I want:

For disability, this is all that you need.

For research, you may want additional pressure probes for independent users, you may

want a Science Brick to export the signal, and you may want a calibration tool in order to

better calibrate the output units.

What else should I know:

The Sniff Controller Basic is most likely the smallest, lightest and cheapest assistive

technology (AAC) device in the world

Sniff Controller Basic

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