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Product name: Single-Use Filtered Pressure Probe

Current Model: FPP3

Who is this product for: Scientists

What is this product for: The pressure probe transfers the airflow signal from the nose to

the device. The filter protects the device from contamination across users.

What does it come with: Nothing else.

What else will I need in order to use this:

A Sniff Logic acquisition device, either Sniff Controller Basic or Sniff Controller Air

Use: Wear it under your nose, and plug it into the Sniff Controller, either directly, or via

extension cord.

Physical dimensions:

Length: 1.8m

Diameter: OD = 4mm

What else should I know: Unlike the FPP1 that is made of silicone, the FPP3 is made of PVC.

It is therefore less comfortable (but much cheaper). It is fine for experiments lasting one or

two hours, but if experimental participants will be wearing the pressure probes for longer

periods of time, we recommend FPP1.

Single-Use Filtered Pressure Probe

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