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Product name: Pressure Probe

Current Model: PP1

Who is this product for: Individuals with Disability and Scientists

What is this product for: The pressure probe transfers the airflow signal from the nose to

the device.

What does it come with: Nothing else.

What else will I need in order to use this:

A Sniff Logic acquisition device, either Sniff Controller Basic or Sniff Controller Air

Use: Wear it under your nose, and plug it into the Sniff Controller, either directly, or via

extension cord.

Physical dimensions:

Length: 45cm

Diameter: OD = 3mm, ID = 1.5mm

What else might I want: If you are a scientist who will be studying many different users with

a common device, you might prefer the filtered version of the pressure probes, as these

protect from cross-contamination across users.

What else should I know: The PP1 is made out of pure silicone only. It is very soft and very

comfortable, and can easily last for 6 months of daily use.

Pressure Probe

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