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Product name: Calibration Tool

Current Model: CT1

Who is this product for: Scientists

What is this product for: Individually calibrating the Sniff Logic device

What does it come with: A personal use filter

What else will I need in order to use this: A Sniff-Logic device

Use: All Sniff Logic devices are roughly calibrated, but if you need a subject-specific precisely

calibrated measurement, you will need to use the calibration tool. Using the dedicated

application or software, you will be instructed to breathe through the calibration device in a

precise manner for about two minutes. The device can be used across participants, but each

participant will need their own personal use filter.

What else might I want:

You may want additional filters for independent users

What else should I know:

Using Sniff Logic devices, the output airflow is reported in milliliters per second. The

temporal dynamics of the data are highly precise, but the values are only roughly accurate.

If you are using the device to obtain a respiratory signal for EEG or fMRI this is perfectly

sufficient. Moreover, if you are investigating the impact of a manipulation in a within-

subjects design experiment, this is also perfectly sufficient. However, if you want to

measure the impact of a manipulation on respiratory values in an across-subjects design

experiment, you may wish to calibrate. For example, if you want to ask whether inhalation

volume is different between group A of individuals and group B of different individuals, you

should likely calibrate. If you are not sure whether you should calibrate or not, contact us.

Calibration Kit

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